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There are two kinds of porn that I have been drawn to lately. One is glamour stuff with a big emphasis on tits, especially if the tits get oiled up or washed off. The other is hardcore smut. Anything in between those hasn’t really been doing it for me like it used to. I still love girl-on-girl action, but only if they are sharing a cock. Tittyfucking is definitely top of my list for action right now. Next week I might be on to something else, but for right now, I am feeding the craving.

Of course, I prefer Asian girls to having the starring role in the porn I watch, so I take a look at Asian porn discounts┬álike this Ferame discount for 85% off specifically to find what I want. Once I’ve got the Asian stuff pulled up, it’s pretty easy to narrow things down.

JAV HD continues to be one of my top picks for uncensored variety, but Asians Bondage has also been making me a happy viewer by appealing to my kinkier interests. offers great savings on those and more.