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Month: March, 2019

Voluptuous Asian Titties and Great Sites

When it comes to massive Asian boobs then many will cast their minds to Hitomi Tanaka, or as she is actually affectionately known in the industry; Big Tit Hitomi. And when I say cast their minds it sounds like it’s a conscious effort, maybe it’s just a gripe I’ve always had with the application of that saying when used in involuntary context… but I digress.

I deliberately didn’t use a picture of her for a few reasons, despite the obvious but also, even though she is cute, I feel there are others that are cuter like the girl who’s pic I did use even though I have no idea what her name is.

Also, Hitomi has these torpedo shaped tits with massive areolas  and I am much more of a fan of smaller areolas and rounder boobs. This chick in picture has pretty much perfect cock huggers if you ask me.

Check out this list of top 25 Asian Porn Sites and you will easily find what suites your taste best.

Huge Asian tits girl totally topless!

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The wall to wall girls are an instant turn on and so is all the quality looking Porn pictures. I know from personal experience that at times I can be a picky man. Just because something gets me hard or turns me on one day doesn’t mean that I’ll feel like jerking off to it the next day.

This is why sites like this are a godsend. They have all the action that you could ever need and even better it is all in the one place. You don’t need to waste your time going from site to site. It’s going to be a real pleasure just to have it right at your fingertips. The real change can happen just as soon as you give them a visit for more asian porn!

A Big Titty Playground


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