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What Do Chubby Chasers Want?

Chubby chasers are guys who get turned on by bigger women and are into chubby dating. In fact, they prefer bigger women. They’re not interested in thin women. They think thin women are disgusting or don’t look right. In many cases, chubby chasers would only fuck thin or athletic women when there are no bigger alternatives available.


I know this might freak out many guys, but chubby chasers are definitely a breed by themselves. They are a special breed of dudes. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. Here are the reasons why chubby chasers prefer bigger women.


They Want More Cushion for Loving


As the old saying goes, “Once you go black, you never go back.” The same applies to bbw lovers. Once you go fat, it’s hard to go back. Seriously.


If you bang overweight women, chubby chasers really have a tough time going back to their normal sex partners because they’re always comparing. They’re always looking at the tension. They’re looking at the tightness. They’re looking at the overall excitement when you have all this flesh encasing you while you’re banging a big woman.


They Love Women with Full Figures


History is actually full of beautiful full-figured women. In fact, the whole idea of the standard of beauty being defined as very thin women is relatively recent. As recently as the 1940s, big women were in.


They Love the Classic Definition of Femininity


Let’s face it. From a purely biochemical and biological perspective, the heftier a woman is, the higher the likelihood that she could take care of her kids, the higher the likelihood that she would be fertile. This has been seared in to the mental DNA of most guys. And this is why a lot of them, specifically chubby chasers, prefer the classic definition of femininity.

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